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Peaceful meetings in
a relaxed atmosphere

The tranquil location and close to nature ambience of LappeanLohi offer meeting participants a relaxed and undisturbed meeting environment.
Lappea detail
Lappea decors

Free flow at river valley

You can depart on a memorable boat trip from the LappeanLohi jetty to explore the unique landscapes of the border river, or stay on the river embankment to enjoy the hot, yet gently pampering steam of the traditional smoke sauna. Wintertime is also full of activity – the snowmobile route departs directly from our grounds, and we can even arrange huskies to entertain our guests.
Lappean Loma palvelut yrityksille
Ylläs - winter
Kylmämaa - services for businesses


Our private Lappish hut in Niesalompolo offers a true wilderness experience. We sleep overnight in wooden kota shelters, in sleeping bags and lying on reindeer furs. The campfire is our form of heating.

Once we reach the kota, we can try our luck at winter fishing on a private lake, while dinner is prepared in the kota shelter. As the fire blazes, we savour a sumptuous dinner. After dinner, if the skies are clear, we may be able to experience the mystical dance of the Northern Lights and listen to nature’s own sound of silence, and perhaps see some wildlife (reindeer, hare, Siberian jay).

Enjoy the fell Lapland

From Lappea you have easy access also to Ylläs fell area and Pallas-Ylläs Nationalpark
Meals and programmes for the meeting are arranged professionally, and everything is nearby. Our meeting facilities offer a venue for larger meetings of up to 80 participants. Our meeting space can be equipped with a projector screen, data projector, photocopier and flipchart.
Ylläs - Ylläsjärvi - Kylmämaa
Ylläs    Original Lapland       Pallas-Ylläs      Lapland - The North of Finland      Lapland Above Ordinary      Lapland Above Ordinary      Laatutonni         

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