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Tight lines on
Lapland’s best salmon river

LappeanLohi is located on the shore landscape of Lapland’s most important salmon river, the River Tornionjoki, set by a confluence of two free-flowing rivers teeming with fish. Our guests returning year after year appreciate Lappea’s laidback communal spirit and considerate service. Expert instructions and assistance are provided by our enthusiastic salmon guides.

For the first time in Tornionjoki river in Lappean suvanto we require safety lesson!
All fishing on river Tornion-Muonionjoki is prohibited from 15.9 -15.12.
Fishing on lakes nearby (for example in Ylläs area) is allowed. We arrange also guided fishing trips to the lakes. Ask an offer!

The trolling areas of Lappea are visited year after year by enthusiastic fishermen seeking to catch the wild salmon of the Baltic Sea that migrates up the river in huge schools every year. “It’s worth fishing for salmon, even if you don’t get a catch”, is a legendary phrase among salmon fishermen. The migration lasts the entire summer, with salmon weighing 4 - 20 kilograms migrating in the early season and in the end of the season mainly adult males weighing 1.5 - 2.5 kg. These male salmon disturb the large waiting salmon, so it is a good time for salmon fishing. In the rapid sections of Lappea, you can also catch grayling and pike.

The fishing area covers an approximate distance of four kilometres. The area comprises three pools.

Pool 1, furthest upstream, starts downstream from the Lappeankoski rapids. The pool has a fast flow in the beginning, with the remainder being easy rowing. Upstream from the departure point is a bay inlet, which is a good spot for fishing for e.g. pike.
Central Pool 2 begins from the calm waters, with very slow current at the beginning and faster flows further downstream. This is our most popular pool, because it is easy to start salmon trolling.

Downstream Pool 3 starts from Kustonniva and has a strong current in the beginning, but the flow rates calm down slightly before the Jaapakoski rapids, which is where Pool 3 ends.

Trolling maps can be obtained from the departure point and LappeanLohi. It is recommended you examine the maps before you depart. You can familiarise trolling maps in advance from this link.

The Lappea quiet waters also have shore fishing spots.
Trolling routes, shore fishing and currents change slightly according to water levels, so please ask for last-minute tips before going on the river.


The boat hire day begins at 2 p.m. and ends at 2 p.m. the following day.

The hire boat includes:

  • A boat with oars (2pc) and outboard motor, as well as rowing seat, bail, hook and tie rope.

  • The boats have three - four fixed rod holders.

  • The necessary fuel or fuel top-up can be requested from reception during opening hours.

  • Life jackets.

Instructions for boat hire:

  • Life jackets must always be used when using the boat, and the emergency stop facility for the outboard motor must be attached to the motor when boating.

  • Instruction into using the outboard motor is provided if required prior to your departure.

  • The air screw for the outboard motor or fuel tank must not be closed.

  • When using the motor, please make sure the weight is centred around the rear of the boat. This makes sure the motor sits in the water correctly.

  • The boat can take a maximum of three (3) passengers at any one time.

  • When using the motor boat, please travel as close as possible to the Finnish bank of the river so as not to disturb other people fishing.

  • Fishing is done according to separately issued rowing instructions.

  • Do not take the hire boat to the Lappeankoski or Jaapakoski rapid waters.

  • When travelling with the boat, please sit in the centre of the boat and do not lean on the side of the boat. If you need help standing up, please hold onto both sides of the both at the same time.

  • If you change places on the boat, this should be done at shore or very close to the shore.

  • You must always be sober when boating!

  • If you fall out of the boat, do not try to get back on the boat, rather you should hold onto the side of the boat and kick with your legs to guide the boat to shore.

  • The person hiring the boat is obliged to inform and compensate for any damages caused to the boat, and to clean the boat after use, e.g. salmon blood and scales.

  • We charge a fee of 20 € for boats not cleaned after use.

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  • Salmon fishing on the Tornionjoki and Muonionjoki rivers is permitted during the period 8th June – 25th August.

  • Non-fishing times are from 7 p.m. on Sunday through to 7 p.m. on Monday, a time when salmon fishing is forbidden.

  • The salmon quota is: 1 salmon/day/angler

  • In order to ensure the protection of the sea trout in the Tornionjoki River, any sea trout caught must be immediately released into the water dead or alive.

  • The minimum size for a salmon catch is 50 cm.

Rowing instructions for the Tornionjoki River:

  • Always wear life jackets when using the boat.
    When using the outboard motor, please ensure the emergency stop is fixed in place.

  • You must always be sober when boating!

  • Fishing can only be done while rowing and rowing commences from one of the starting points, of which there are three. These starting points are marked with signs on the Swedish side of the river and with floating buoys in the river.

  • There is one rowing pool between the starting points – i.e. when travelling from the first starting point to the second starting point and there are others waiting on the shore, you must land your boat and wait your turn.

  • Rowing departures are always performed in the order the boats arrive at the starting point. Do not jump the line!

  • Please maintain a suitable distance between boats.

  • Do not remain rowing in a single spot if there are other rowers following you.

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